Combine harvesters, simply referred to as combines, are so named because they combine
the processes of cutting, threshing seperating and cleaning crops with one machine.

Time is relentless...it seems like we no sooner get the seeds in the ground and suddenly it's time to fire up the combines. The months between planting and harvest do pass quickly, but still we must patiently wait for the seeds to emerge in precise marching rows, then scout the growing plants for diseases and pests. Some years we fret over the lack of rain and other years a few more sunny days would be welcome. Eventually the grain matures and dries as the crops near the end of their life cycles. Days get shorter and the evenings become cooler, so we dig out our sweatshirts and get ready to spend the next couple of months in the corn and bean fields. Mid-summer's wheat harvest is brief but offers a taste of what's to come as the trucks rumble from the field filled with their golden cargo. Summer and fall harvests are favorite times of the year, and both are over too quickly. But winter passes quickly too, and suddenly it's time to start the cycle all over again!